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How much is the induction heating equipment? How is it better to invest?

Electric induction heating furnace is a kind of metal heat treatment furnace for metal steel rod. With the progress and development of science and technology, the induction heating equipment is processed with medium frequency current to achieve environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and so on. Induction heating equipment covers a small area, output according to user production requirements, strong working capacity, widely praised and recommended on the market. Medium frequency heating equipment is a production line which integrates feeding, conveying, heating, unloading, controlling, etc., with automatic, semi-automatic and manual production mode can be selected, in the operating desk can achieve one-button switching, simple and convenient.

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How much is the induction heating equipment? The capacity of intermediate frequency heating furnace, different models and specifications are different, the energy consumption is different, and the final price of intermediate frequency heating equipment is different. According to the user’s metal workpiece size, material, process requirements, production requirements and other requirements, the manufacturer customized to meet the user’s personalized production needs.

How to invest in induction heating equipment is more cost-effective?

1, it is recommended that customers choose and purchase appropriate medium-frequency heating equipment, specific steel bar materials, production output, production efficiency, etc., and then select the appropriate type of intermediate-frequency heating equipment. In this way, high efficiency can be created.

2, it is recommended that customers go to Hebei to buy induction heating equipment, Hebei’s manufacturers are more, and prices are slightly lower than those in first-tier cities, and the cost of metal heat treatment furnaces is more affordable.

3, It is suggested that customers choose direct-selling manufacturers to purchase equipment, such as Hebei FOREVER, strong strength, large scale, reliable equipment quality, reasonable pricing, high popularity of customers.

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