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How much is the induction heating equipment for quenched and tempered steel tube?

Pipes such as steel pipes can be used after treatment: pipeline, engineering structure, thermal equipment, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, geological drilling, high-pressure equipment. As a high-quality raw material, it is widely used and has high application value. steel tube quenching and tempering equipment is processing quenched and tempered steel pipe and other pipe equipment.

seamless pipe heat treatment machine

First, the price analysis of steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment in the market offers for complete sets of steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment may vary from hundreds of thousands to millions, among which the price difference is affected by a number of factors, such as type, function, capacity, performance, and material selection. Brand impact, equipment prices vary. In addition, different manufacturers have different sales models.

Steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment manufacturers recommend domestic steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment, screw steel and other heat treatment equipment, such as induction heating equipment manufacturers, among which Hebei FOREVER is more well-known mechanical and electrical, in terms of force theory technology, the far extension is more trustworthy. Hebei FOREVER has more than 20 years’ manufacturing experience since it was founded so far. The research on induction heating technology is very special. Combined with the advanced crushing technology in foreign countries, the equipment is continuously upgraded and perfected. More in line with the needs of modern production.


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