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How much is the continuous annealing furnace for steel pipe?

After the upgrading of manufacturing industry in recent years, the manufacturing capacity of our country has increased greatly, the Electric induction heating furnace has begun to gradually change the significance represented by itself, and the “gold content” of steel pipe continuous annealing furnace is increasing year by year. More and more people are using induction heating equipment and are also watching its price trend. Continuous annealing furnace of steel pipe is the upstream industry of manufacturing industry, which plays a key role in the development of manufacturing industry. Continuous annealing furnace of steel pipe is the basic driving force of mechanical and electrical development of remote extension, and there are some changes in price and advantage in recent years.

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The characteristics of continuous annealing furnace of remote electromechanical steel pipe are as follows:

1, the continuous annealing furnace of steel pipe has omni-directional protection functions, such as overcurrent protection, overheating protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, phase deficiency protection and so on, which greatly increases the reliability of the equipment;

2. The continuous annealing furnace of steel pipe is equipped with PLC console, which has a variety of display functions, such as current display, voltage display, time display and so on,

3which makes the working condition of the equipment intuitionistic, and plays a more guiding and controlling role in the design of furnace body and capacitance regulation.

4, the continuous annealing furnace of steel pipe has the ability of annealing 24 hours a day.

5, power saving, energy saving, electromagnetic stirring ability, more uniform melting and cost saving.

6. The mechanical transmission part is controlled by programmable controller (PLC control system). The control system is high and the action is accurate. The heating mode adopts rotating travel to increase the uniformity of the temperature of the workpiece itself.


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