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How much is a set of high quality induction heating equipment in the market?

Electric induction heating furnace can also be called Medium frequency heating equipment , currently is one of the indispensable mechanical equipment in the heat treatment industry. I believe that when most users choose and purchase intermediate frequency heating equipment, they will pay special attention to the change of equipment price in the market in addition to paying attention to the quality of intermediate frequency heating equipment. In view of this, the following will be a detailed introduction to how much money a set of intermediate frequency heating equipment in the market.

The price of medium frequency heating furnace in the market is not only set according to the quality of the equipment, but also related to the nature of the equipment manufacturer, the type of equipment, the performance of the equipment and the market and so on. The specific situation is as follows:

1, the nature of the manufacturer-the current market induction heating equipment vendors can be roughly divided into production distributors and intermediate agents these two kinds, its intermediate agent is no actual production factory, only through the resale of other manufacturers of intermediate frequency heating equipment, to earn intermediate price difference profit, so in the intermediate frequency heating equipment price positioning is higher than the production distributor.

2, equipment model-different models of induction heating equipment specifications are destined to be different, the larger the equipment model, the larger the equipment specifications, then the more raw materials are used, the higher the natural price.

3, equipment performance-for the same intermediate frequency heating equipment, the higher the equipment performance, the higher the equipment production efficiency, for users, the faster the investment income in the later stage of the medium frequency heating furnace. Therefore, the market quotation for high performance induction heating equipment will be slightly higher.

4, the market factor-with the increasing number of steel bar quenching furnace manufacturers in the market, it is bound to aggravate the malicious competition among peers. The mutual restriction between peers will also have a certain impact on the price of induction heating equipment. Moreover, the change of the market supply and demand of intermediate frequency heating equipment will also indirectly affect the rise and fall of the price of intermediate frequency heating furnace.

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