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High quality steel bar induction heating furnace

steel bar induction heating furnace is an electric heating equipment used in the metal processing industry, which uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat metal materials. This device can achieve fast and uniform heating, precise control, and is mainly used for heat treatment, forging, rolling, and metal forming processes.

steel bar induction heating equipment composition:

1. Power supply system: According to the requirements of the product series, it is equipped with KGPS or IGBT intermediate frequency power supply, with a frequency range of 0.5 to 15KHz, suitable for different materials and processing requirements.

2. Conveyor roller system: The conveyor roller ensures even heating of the workpiece and prevents local overheating or inconsistency.

3. Temperature control system: The infrared thermometer and Siemens PLC system are combined to monitor and control the heating temperature.

4. Industrial computer system: The industrial computer system is used to monitor heating parameters and ensure the stability of the operating process.

5. Cooling system: Use enclosed circulating water cooling or water tank with circulating pump to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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