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High quality metal heat treatment equipment price related factors!

induction heating furnace can also be called Medium frequency heating equipment, using intermediate frequency current for heat treatment of metal work-pieces, high electric heating efficiency, and electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy, there will be no pollution in the processing process. Induction heating equipment is very popular in railway transportation, automobile manufacturing, mining machinery and other fields. “what is the price of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment?” For users, this issue is controversial, because there may be differences in equipment quotations from each manufacturer. What is the reason? The editor arranges the introduction for you.

Relevant factors of price of induction heating equipment What is the price of the medium-frequency diathermy? The problem is to trace the configuration combination of the equipment, the size of the parameters, the strength of the manufacturer and so on. The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Equipment configuration the induction heating device is a non-standard customized product, In general, the manufacturer can customize the configuration scheme of the induction heating equipment according to the actual production demand of the user and conduct the quotation, different configurations, and the cost is different, and the price is naturally different. The higher the configuration level, the higher the price, and of course the function is more powerful.

2, the technical parameters of induction heating equipment with the same parameter size will be quite different, such as the power size of the equipment, so the price of induction heating equipment will not be the same.

3, the manufacturer strength is different, the technical level, the production strength and so on are different, the manufacturing cost of the same type of equipment will be different, the price will naturally vary; In addition, different manufacturers, there will also be profit differences, such as real-force manufacturers to adopt the “thin profit and more sales” model, a single equipment profit is low, and the price of quality equipment may be low, on the contrary, some manufacturers are mainly profit, single equipment profit is higher, then the market price will also be high.

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