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High quality induction heating equipment ,to Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Factory!

Hebei FOEVER Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Factory is an enterprise specialized in producing and selling induction heating and heat treatment equipment.Induction heating furnace has the characteristics of fast heating, short preheating time and high efficiency. The automatic feeding, heating, cooling, tempering and unloading of FOREVER mechanical and electrical steel plate quenching and tempering line have been realized, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

There are two ways of induction heating:
(1) Simultaneous heating: heating the surface and preheating.
(2) Continuous heating: continuous heating and cooling.
Surface heating refers to local heat treatment that only changes the surface structure without changing the chemical composition. Tempering is to change the toughness of steel and reduce internal stress.
In the domestic market, FOREVER Electrical Machinery occupies the majority of the induction heat treatment market. 98% of the production line adopts intelligent automatic operation.

induction furnace

The steel plate heating production line has achieved many successful cases. As a well-known supplier of induction heating equipment in China, FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. has its own Engineer team, production workshop and after-sales team. FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. can provide strong technical support and mature quenching and heat treatment process services. If you have any questions about the steel quenching and tempering production line, please consult our engineer team. We will try our best to help you solve your difficulties.

FOREVER Electrical & Mechanical Co., Ltd. touches China with its quality and the world with its reputation. Business philosophy; We always pursue professionalism, excellence, with advanced technology, mature technology to win the trust and support of customers, your satisfaction is our greatest success. FOREVER Machinery is willing to cooperate with you sincerely to create brilliance!

Post time: 03-18-2019