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FOREVER medium Frequency Furnace Series products

The medium frequency electric furnace for Hebei FOREVER Electric Furnace is the main equipment of the casting and forging and heat treatment workshop. The stability, reliability and safety of the work are the guarantee of the normal and stable operation of the casting and forging and heat treatment production line of the flow operation.

FOREVER medium frequency forging heating: used for bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate diathermy, reheating, quenching material on-line heating, local heating, metal material on-line forging (such as gear, half-shaft connecting rod, bearing, etc.), extrusion, hot rolling, etc. Pre-shear heating, spray heating, thermal assembly and metal bulk tempering, annealing, tempering, etc. Hengyuan Intermediate Frequency Heat treatment production Line: main supply shafts (straight shaft, variable diameter shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, etc.); gear type; sleeve, ring, disk type; machine tool screw; guide rail; plane; ball head; Surface heat treatment of various mechanical (automobile, motorcycle) parts such as hardware tools and overall tempering, annealing and tempering of metal materials

We produce a new generation of constant power fast energy saving medium frequency power supply and IGBT constant power variable frequency medium frequency power supply, medium frequency electric furnace, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment, medium frequency quenching equipment, medium frequency rapid melting furnace, high frequency, Industrial electric furnaces, such as ultra-audio heating equipment and dialyzer, are the first to provide many excellent pre-forging and post-forging heat treatment equipment for many famous forgings manufacturers.

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