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Heat treatment equipment for ∅ 95-110mm steel pipes

This set of Steel pipe heat treatment equipment is customized and produced by Forever for customers, mainly used for hardening seamless steel pipes with a diameter of 95mm to 110mm and a wall thickness of 10mm. Based on the customer’s parameter requirements, Forever has designed a set of steel pipe induction hardening machine, including: heating furnace body, infrared temperature measurement system, spray cooling system, PLC control system, storage platform flipping system, and conveyor roller conveyor. The ring shaped multi-stage spray cooling system can ensure rapid cooling of the quenched steel pipe, improve the hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue resistance of the material, while the PLC control system can monitor and adjust key parameters such as temperature, time, and cooling speed in real-time during the quenching process.

The medium frequency induction heating technology ensures that seamless steel pipes can quickly and uniformly reach the required hardening temperature, ensuring the efficiency and stability of the hardening process.

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Post time: 03-28-2024