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Heart of billet heating furnace

Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing induction heating equipment for Billet heating furnace.The induction heating furnace is controlled intelligently by PLC, and the whole process of induction heat treatment is monitored by computer. Equipment efficient and energy-saving, the company has a number of induction heating industry experienced expert team, professional design billet heating furnace, long-term tailor-made specialty for you. Automatic feeding, heating, whole process unmanned operation, perfect power control model to ensure the accuracy of temperature control of billet reheating furnace. What is the heart of the billet heating furnace?

The coil of billet heating furnace is the heart of induction furnace. The induction coil produces a strong magnetic field under the action of electric current. This magnetic field causes the metal in the furnace to generate eddy current and heat up. Coil is the key to the conversion of electric energy to thermal energy, so the coil design of billet inductor should be very important. According to the principle of electromagnetic field and the calculation of computer professional software, the coil of steel slab inductor heating furnace is a better scheme based on the actual application of medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace. The error between the design power of the induction coil and the actual operation power is less than 2%. The insulation of the coil, especially the inter-turn insulation, is guaranteed by advanced insulation treatment. The special clamping technology can effectively reduce the axial vibration of the coil. The inner wall of induction ring is coated with imported high temperature insulation material, and the alarm system of leakage furnace is installed, which can effectively prevent the penetration of induction heating furnace of billet.

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