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The quality of steel Heat treatment furnace  will determine whether the subsequent treatment of the work-piece can be carried out an important process. The heat treated work-piece will improve the comprehensive properties of steel, the period of use, and so on.

Steel quenching heating above critical temperature, heat preservation for an appropriate time, and then rapid cooling, quenching work-piece heat treatment method. The essence is to heat all the Ferrite and pearlite in the steel structure to homogeneous Austenite, and then to obtain martensite by high strength quenching.

After the quenching process, the tempering temperature of the quenched steel is different, so the mechanical properties are very different. The general trend is that the work-piece will gradually increase with the tempering temperature, the strength and hardness decrease, and the plasticity and toughness. Martensite and residual austenite in quenched steel are unstable. As a result, with the rapid increase of temperature, the carbon atoms will precipitate in the form of cementite, resulting in the transformation of tissue. After that, the cementite is dispersed on the ferritic matrix to form different tempering structures.

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