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Good medium-frequency heating equipment, in fact, just a few points!

The furnace body of the induction heating equipment is comparable to the heart of the medium frequency heat treatment equipment. The technical level of the furnace body is the fundamental embodiment of the core technology of the equipment. As a heavyweight new product of remote electromechanical, medium frequency heating equipment has attracted many customers as soon as it is released. In the view of remote electromechanical, the development of intermediate frequency heating equipment indicates that the core technology of manufacturing induction heating equipment has been mastered.

High efficiency, environmental protection and intelligence are the most prominent features of medium frequency heating equipment. It is emphasized that the intermediate frequency heating equipment has a number of core technologies, including sealing technology, double unloading gate structure, temperature detection technology, on-line detection device, and so on. This is also the development of our highly intelligent results.

Build efficient, energy-saving, easy-to-use intermediate frequency heating equipment IGBT intermediate frequency energy-saving power supply, strong drive, low power consumption, excellent performance. Induction diathermy furnace has good performance, low construction space, small size, but has a large scope of work. The speed of the whole machine is fast and the mining efficiency is high. During the past 18 years, Yuantuo has been specialized in induction heat-permeable furnaces, and has always adhered to independent development, supplemented by intelligent, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating furnace body technology. In China, a large number of high-value-added, high-tech products, such as environmental protection medium frequency heating equipment, are introduced, which are in line with the national industrial policy.


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