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Forever overcome the drawbacks and continue to work hard

Forever overcome the drawbacks and continue to work hard

The steel billet produced by the rolling process is stacked and cooled, then transported to the rolling mill, and then heated by the traditional heating furnace and rolled into steel. After billet heating, the oxidation loss of billet surface is about 1.5%. The temperature of billet pulled out from the continuous casting machine is 700-900℃. The residual heat of the billet has not been utilized effectively. In order to save energy, induction heating is more suitable for on-line and uniform heating of continuous casting billet.

Facing the grim situation of the market, the manufacturer of billet heating induction furnace -Forever can seize the opportunity to accelerate developmen. First of all, in scientific research and technological innovation and independent innovation, we work hard to achieve our own strengths and have their own quality. At the same time, we overcome the drawbacks to win the greatest development. More and more manufacturers make products by imitating others rather than by self-innovation as the core competitiveness. So we always adhere to the belief of product innovation and self-reliance to ensure our progress.

When billet is heated, according to the technological requirements, the output power and working frequency of the billet induction heating furnace must be controlled so as to reach the required heating temperature and penetration depth within a certain time. Therefore, a practical billet heating induction furnace should be able to adjust continuously in a larger power range. Induction heating is non-contact heating. It has the advantages of high heating temperature, high heating efficiency, fast heating speed, easy temperature control, local heating, easy to realize automatic control, good working environment, almost no heat, noise and dust, less occupied area, high production efficiency, and can heat complex workpieces.

The application of induction heating technology leads a new round of energy-saving and environmental protection intellectualization. Only following the trend of energy-saving and environmental protection, can enterprises achieve longer-term development. With the combination of advanced technology at home and abroad, Forever has successfully developed high-power intelligent billet heating induction furnace. The equipment is exported to Vietnam, Taiwan and so on. Intelligent steel billet reheating furnace runs normally, production efficiency is high, effectively solve all customer problems.


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