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Forever hot rolling steel ball induction equipment

Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory has always been committed to the reliability and energy-saving research of steel ball hot rolling production line . In 2004, a 2500KW production line for continuous heating of steel balls for bar materials was manufactured, with a production power ranging from 160KW-2500KW, a frequency of 500Hz-800Hz, a heating diameter of 819-8150, and an unlimited length of steel bars. According to customer needs, a PLC closed-loop control automatic heating production line can be achieved, and the energy-saving effect is obvious. On the steel ball hot rolling heating furnace , there is an American Leitai thermometer installed, which controls the temperature of the steel ball in real time, heats uniformly, and has a high qualified rate of finished products.

The Forever steel ball hot rolling equipment has the following characteristics through multiple innovative designs:

(1) The rolling mill adopts a semi closed frame and has good rigidity in the base;

(2) The intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is easy to adjust and operate;

(3) Secure and stable locking;

(4) The replacement of the guide plate is simple, fast, and efficient. To provide assurance for the stable, efficient, and high-quality operation of rolling steel ball equipment. The rolling mill does not have an electric side pressure adjustment device, making it easy to replace the rollers and producing high-quality products.



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