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FOREVER electromechanical has become a model in the induction heating industry

In today’s high-tech development, domestic enterprises will face more severe challenges. If enterprises want to make great progress, they should not only ensure the high quality of products, but also actively innovate technology and provide customers with more ideal solutions. As a leading enterprise in induction heating manufacturing in China, FOREVER electromechanical has long understood the importance of this. While constantly improving the global quality management system, it also vigorously develops energy-saving technology, gathers global high-quality resources, and creates a more high-quality and energy-saving induction heating system for customers.

FOREVER Electromechanical is not only the model of the top ten brands of energy-saving and environmental protection induction heating machine, but also the benchmark brand of the whole induction heating machine industry. The future development space of induction heating machine is huge. On the road of development with heavy tasks and a long way to go, FOREVER electromechanical will work hard to create more and better equipment for users.


Features of intelligent induction heating system:

(1) It has the functions of recording, querying and printing when data is realized; Automatic adjustment of power supply power and temperature closed-loop control; Real time monitoring and display of electric furnace parameters; Automatically predict faults and alarms; Remote centralized control of electric furnace; Automatically produce various reports.

(2) The equipment power supply adopts German technology to design and manufacture IGBT medium frequency power cabinet unit with high reliability. In fact, it is designed and manufactured according to the installed capacity of 1600kw, and the reliability of the device is very high;

(3) It creatively provides a set of complete and technologically mature solution of stabilizer bar blank feeding device, and makes reliable and stable design and deep integration of stabilizer bar blank automatic feeding device, chain plate feeding device and automatic discharge machine.

(4) According to various blank heating process parameters, a special Siemens touch screen centralized formula management system is independently developed to ensure the reliability of the user’s automatic operation process and the simplicity and intelligence in use;

(5) The control system of the complete set of equipment shall be guaranteed for more than 1 year, and the after-sales response speed is fast; The complete set of equipment is self-made without third-party service and technical support.


FOREVER electromechanical not only manufactures induction heating system, but also provides ideal solutions for customers. We optimize the layout and distribute electric energy reasonably. Using the knowledge and experience accumulated for many years and continuously optimized, our customers will obtain a more effective competitive tool in the market.


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Post time: 05-26-2022