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Field modification of rebar rolling equipment

Field modification of rebar rolling equipment

Recently, many customers sent us inquiry about field modification of rebar rolling equipment. Their existing heating equipment is gas furnace, but now they need to improve their productivity by changing the billet heating induction furnace. For example, one customer want to heat the 130*130 mm billet for rebar rolling, but their present furnace is 100*100mm gas furnace. Or the output of user’s plant is 50T/H, but they require 70T/H output.

According to these questions, Forever will give a brief introduction for our billet heating induction furnace. Gas furnace and induction heating furnace are totally different product, which are using different principles. Compared with gas furnace, billet heating induction furnace has higher heating efficiency before curie point(780℃) and do not need preheating time, more flexible than gas furnace. Then we can make full use of this advantage, we can use induction heating furnace to heat the billet from cold temperature to 400℃, then the heating efficiency can be up to 90% and the power consumption is only 100kwh per ton. Then you can continue to use gas furnace to reheat the billet to rolling temperature for rolling rebars. Or you can use induction heating furnace to heat to 800℃, the heating efficiency will be 80%-85% at this time. But the power consumption will be 200kwh per ton, which may bring you much power consumption. In this case, you can work out the total cost in the separate ways and try to find the most energy saving method to combine the gas furnace and our billet heating induction furnace. 

Another application of our furnace is continuous casting billet reheating furnace, after the continuous casting billet discharge from the continuous casting machines, then it will lose heat before charging the rolling mill. In this case, we can adopt our furnace to reheat the billet, and the power consumption is very small, which can be accept by the customers. At present, this process has been widely used at home and abroad. 

Whether what kind of billet heating induction furnace, welcome to send us inquiry. We will recommend suitable heating furnace to you to bring more profit for you.


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