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Electric induction quenching and tempering machine-Forever furnace

FOREVER electromechanical induction heating equipment,quenching and tempering furnace, induction quenching equipment mainly include: steel bar quenching furnace, steel pipe quenching furnace, billet heating furnace, aluminum bar heating furnace, rebar quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, seamless pipe quenching and tempering production line, plate quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, sucker rod quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace, oil casing quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, round steel heating furnace and many other induction heating equipment, which are sold at home and abroad.


Electric induction heating equipment and quenching and tempering furnace have many advantages:

1. Induction quenching and tempering equipment adopts new technology, air-cooled energy-saving induction heating power control, high production efficiency, can be used when the power is connected, and the operation is simple.

2. The input and output system is made of non-magnetic stainless steel, with wear resistance and long service life.

3. Human machine interface touch screen automatic intelligent control system, simple operation, high production efficiency.

4. The quenching and tempering furnace adopts external spraying and internal spraying technology, and is equipped with water quenching process expert system software to ensure the rationality and reliability of process parameters when processing steel grade workpieces, so as to ensure the product quality of heat treatment.

5. Good efficiency in energy conservation and environmental protection, greatly reducing environmental pollution and improving production safety.

6. Accurate temperature control, fast heating speed, uniform heating, less oxidation and decarburization, and high qualified rate of finished products.

A set of electric induction heating equipment, quenching and tempering furnace costs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the investment is not high, and the return is fast. FOREVER electromechanical professional technicians will customize the induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment, quenching and tempering equipment suitable for you according to your process requirements, so that you do not have too much waste. FOREVER has a perfect production and R & D team, and perfect after-sales service, so that you can use induction heating equipment and quenching and tempering furnace, Induction quenching equipment has no worries. Pick up the phone quickly for consultation!

Post time: 07-05-2022