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Electric heating treatment equipment manufacturer

Energy saving electric heating treatment equipment – Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical is your ideal choice. The electric heating treatment equipment adopts FOREVER new technology IGBT induction heating power supply control, which has low power consumption, high efficiency and low investment cost. FOREVER electromechanical professional engineers provide customized solutions according to the actual needs of users. FOREVER electromechanical electric heating treatment equipment provides customers with pre-sales services, The all-round service from sale to after-sales can meet your requirements for customized production and customized design by professional engineers. Meet your different process needs.


Working process of mechanical system of electric heating treatment equipment:

Crown block hoisting → storage platform → automatic feeding mechanism → feeding roller table system → quenching induction heating system → infrared temperature measuring device → discharging roller table → spray quenching system → quenching completion → tempering conveying system → tempering induction heating system → infrared temperature measuring device → discharging roller table → cooling mechanism → receiving rack

Composition of electric heating treatment equipment:

1. Quenching + tempering IGBT dual frequency induction heating power supply:

2. Quenching + tempering induction heating furnace body

3. Storage rack

4. Conveying system

5. Quenching water tank (including stainless steel spray ring, flowmeter and frequency conversion idler)

6. Tempering furnace cabinet (including stainless steel pipe, dual frequency capacitor cabinet, variable frequency drive)

7. Receiving rack

8. Man machine interface PLC general console

9. Infrared temperature measuring automatic temperature control device


Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical, a professional manufacturer of electric heating treatment equipment, is your ideal choice. It doesn’t matter whether you buy it or not. You can go to the company to see our strength. The main induction heating equipment also includes:steel bar heating equipment , steel pipe heating equipment, steel bar heat treatment furnace, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, steel bar induction quenching and tempering production line, steel bar heat treatment furnace, thread steel quenching and tempering heat treatment production line, plate heat treatment equipment, steel plate heating equipment, aluminum bar heating equipment, etc. telephone consultation, Professional engineers provide free quotation scheme of electric heating treatment equipment.


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