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Drill pipe heat treatment furnace

Hebei Forever Electromechanical is the preferred choice for drill pipe heat treatment furnace. With years of production experience in drill pipe heat treatment furnace production lines, the prices are affordable. We can customize induction heating equipment, and Forever Electromechanical relies on exquisite technology and comprehensive after-sales service. In recent years, we have provided technical solutions for drilling pipe heat treatment furnaces to a large number of users, which are highly welcomed by the market.

The drill pipe heat treatment furnace is an induction heating equipment developed by Forever Electromechanical specifically for the mechanical industry. The drill pipe heat treatment production line heats the workpiece in a non-contact manner, avoiding the reduction of heat in the air due to heat transfer, resulting in low heat loss and high heating efficiency. The drill pipe heating equipment is mainly composed of medium frequency induction power supply, conveying system, induction heating system, control system, etc. The entire induction heating equipment is controlled by PLC and industrial control computer, with a high degree of automation, suitable for mechanized large-scale production to achieve unmanned operation.

drill pipe heat treatment machine

Technical characteristics of Drill pipe heat treatment system :

The drill pipe heat treatment furnace can achieve full line automation control such as tension control, automatic loading and unloading, and automatic heating;

The drill pipe heat treatment furnace has a temperature tracking system, precise temperature control, and fast heating speed;

Equipped with self diagnosis function, if any parameter setting does not meet the standard, the system will automatically alarm;

Adopting a user-friendly human-machine interface, easy to learn and use, and easy to maintain;

Energy saving and environmentally friendly production can adapt to harsh environments.

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