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Constant distance high power medium frequency electric furnace

The medium frequency electric furnace is composed of KGPS high power medium frequency power supply 12000KW~20000KW/24 pulse rectifier mode. These high-power medium frequency electric furnaces are mainly used for melting and are also suitable for heating up large metal (steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) workpieces and profiles (tubes, plates, strips, bars, etc.). According to the principle of electromagnetic effect, the metal material in alternating magnetic field is rapidly induced by large eddy current, so that a kind of inductor heating up metal material until it melts should be heated, and it can also penetrate non-metallic material. Heat metal materials locally or completely quickly.

The main characteristics of constant-power IGBT series resonant medium-frequency power supply are as follows:

1. The constant power output ensures that the power transformer capacity is utilized more than

2, the power factor is always greater than 0.96, there is no high-order harmonic interference, and there is no pollution to the power network.

3,Using digital phase-locked technology, high frequency stability

4, multiple protection functions (double dead zone protection, IGBT protection and transition, over-voltage, overtemperature, water cut-off, etc.)

5, The advanced multi-frequency point pre-setting technology has a high successful start-up rate of 6, and a fully closed internal circulating water cooling system to ensure the safety of the equipment.

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