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Comparison of the price of induction heating equipment and the purchase notice

The price of the purchase equipment is always one of the most important factors of the customer, and the selection of the heat treatment supporting peripheral equipment such as the Induction heat treatment equipment and the material rack is also the same. For many heat-treated customers, the induction heating equipment has never been used before, so it is sure to carefully check how much the induction heating equipment needs to invest, how long it can be returned, whether it is worth to invest and so on, These are indeed an important part of the investment that has to be taken into account.

At present, there are many kinds of induction heating equipment used in combination with heat treatment, such as three-in-one induction heating equipment, an air induction heating device, a roller induction heating device, an NC induction heating device and a clamp type induction heating device, The six major categories of gear induction heating equipment, each type has a wide variety of models, many customized models are available, because of the structure, the principle, the feeding precision is different, the price difference is very large, and the price of the purchase is really determined, the type of induction heating equipment to be used is firstly selected, and the selected fundamental principle is to determine the material, the width, the thickness, the feeding step distance and the precision requirement of the heat treatment production material, We can directly contact the business personnel of the FOREVER manufacturers in Hebei, and we will provide you with a number of alternative options.

Of course, customers also need to understand the basic price ranking of induction heating equipment, in fact, this simple from low to high is air induction heating equipment, roller induction heating equipment, NC induction heating equipment, gear induction heating equipment, clip induction heating equipment, three-in-one induction heating equipment, need special attention, here is only a simple price order, not the more expensive the better. They have their own scope of use and performance characteristics, and do not simply care about one-off investment, but also need to consider the impact on post-production and the cost of use and maintenance, so that the comprehensive selection is fundamental.


Post time: 09-05-2019