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Classification and working principle of steel pipe heating furnaces

steel pipe induction heating furnce is a device used for heating steel pipes, widely used in metal processing, manufacturing, and other industrial fields. The following is some basic information about steel pipe heating furnaces compiled by Hebei Forever Electromechanical, including classification, working principle, application, operation, selection, and maintenance.

1. Classification

a. Classified by heating method:

-Resistance heating furnace: uses electrical energy to generate heat, and generates resistance heating in steel pipes through current.

-Electric induction heating furnace: generates a magnetic field in a steel pipe to heat through induced current.

-Flame heating furnace: Using flames to directly heat steel pipes.

b. Classified by structure:

-Continuous heating furnace: suitable for mass production, steel pipes are continuously heated on conveyor belts.

-Intermittent heating furnace: suitable for small batch production, where steel pipes are heated partially at once.

2. Working principle of the steel pipe induction heating equipment


a. Resistance heating furnace:

-When the steel pipe is electrified, the current passes through conductive materials to generate resistance and heat.

-Heat is transferred to the steel pipe, causing it to heat up.

b. Induction heating furnace:

-Generate high-frequency AC electromagnetic fields through induction coils.

-The steel pipe is in a magnetic field, and the induced current generates heat inside the steel pipe.

c. Flame heating furnace:

-Use gas or other fuels to generate flames.

-The steel pipe passes through the flame area and is directly heated by the flame.



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