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Characteristics of induction reheating furnace for steel billets

The induction reheating furnace for steel billets is efficient, energy-saving, and has a high yield. It is a new era of energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly, and intelligent products. The company has a team of experienced experts in the induction heating industry, specializing in the design and production of reheating furnaces for steel billets. We tailor induction heating equipment and induction heat treatment production lines to your satisfaction.

Characteristics of steel billet reheating furnace :

1. Adopting intermediate frequency series resonant power supply control, parallel resonant design, phase shift power regulation, mature and stable equipment

2. Full touch screen control, pure digital tuning, with complete process records and strict level permissions. The main parameters can be restored to factory settings with just one click.

3. The insulation material for the furnace body is made of American imported knotting material, which has high strength, high temperature resistance, and a longer service life.

4. The inlet and outlet ends of the steel billet induction reheating furnace are sealed with 5mm copper plates to reduce magnetic leakage and extend service life.

5. The chassis frame of the furnace body is made of non-magnetic stainless steel or aluminum alloy to reduce the impact of magnetic leakage and heating on other components.

6. One water-cooled support roller is installed between every two sections of the furnace body, and each support roller is equipped with a variable frequency speed control motor to ensure the stable and steady operation of the steel billet.

billet-induction-reheating-furnace 钢坯感应加热炉

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