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Characteristics of billet electric heating furnace

Steel billets usually need to be heated to the rolling temperature before coming out of the continuous casting machine and entering the rolling mill. Choosing induction heating will heat the workpiece evenly, with fast speed, high efficiency, and uniform temperature control. The characteristics of the billet electric heating furnace are as follows:

Suitable for continuous square billet production lines;

Constant temperature control;

Modular design, coils can be quickly replaced;

Horizontal control material enters the opening of the coil efficiently, solid-state power supply:

Fully automatic PLC control for incoming and outgoing materials.

Price of electric billet induction heating furnace:

The price of configuring a set of induction heating equipment for steel billets usually ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions, mainly related to the configuration plan and equipment model selection. You can inquire at any time and obtain equipment quotations for free. Direct sales manufacturers can customize non-standard equipment to save you 20% of the cost, and more related information. A technical manager will answer for you. However, Moyuantuo has been building a mechanical and electrical factory for nearly 20 years, continuously polishing its own production process, and has a large and modern production workshop, There is a complete factory system, which allows for direct visits and inspections to the workshop.


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