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billet induction reheating machine

Equipment name: Billet induction reheating furnace

Steel type and material: plain carbon steel alloy steel, etc

Billet size range: (6mm × 6mm)-(500mm × 500mm)

Billet length range: above 0.5m

The billet induction heating equipment has different degrees of bending according to different steel types of workpieces. If the bending degree of the billet is greater than 3mm/m before it is fed into the electric furnace, you can adjust the size of the inductor according to the bending degree of your steel grade to meet your requirements.

Process flow of billet induction heating furnace

The temperature before the billet surface is put into the furnace and the temperature after the billet is put out of the furnace: according to the effect required by the user, we design and produce the billet. The billet is heated evenly, without burning or cracking, and the tensile strength and straightness can meet the user’s needs.

Feeding and guidance system: each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, and multi axis drive is set. A single frequency converter is used to control the synchronization of multi axis operation. The components are selected from well-known brands, with reliable quality and stable operation. 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel is used to keep the axial direction of the guide wheel moderately elastic to adapt to the bending of the billet within the allowable range.

The closed loop temperature control of electric induction billet heating furnace is composed of the American Leitai infrared thermometer and the German Siemens S7. The closed loop control system automatically adjusts the power supply according to the initial temperature and feed speed of the billet entering the induction heater, so that the heating temperature remains constant before being discharged from the furnace and the workpiece is heated evenly.

The billet induction reheating furnace adopts PLC control features:

● Provide remote console with touch screen or industrial personal computer system according to user requirements.

● With specially customized human-computer interface and highly humanized operation instructions, one person can operate the whole set of equipment, saving labor and costs.

● Full digital, high depth adjustable parameters. As long as the steel type, size and equipment of the workpiece are input, the relevant parameters will be automatically called without manual recording, consulting and input. It has high-precision historical curve function. U disk or network backup is available, and data can be saved permanently.

● Strict grade management system, electric induction billet heating furnace is equipped with one button reduction system. (If there is a problem in the adjustment, or you want to restore the device to its original state, you can restore the original data by pressing a button.

Post time: 09-20-2022