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Basic usage methods of steel bar induction heat treatment furnace

In the process of metal heat treatment, steel bars can be transformed into wear-resistant steel bars and grinding bars through induction heating and spray quenching processes. The bar induction heat treatment machine provides an automated solution for this production process, achieving fast and efficient mass production of steel bars.

The steel bar heat treatment induction equipment consists of power supply equipment, quenching device, conveying device, inductor, PLC control system, cooling circulating water system, and feeding device. Place the 45 steel rod into the heating area of the induction furnace, ensuring an appropriate distance between the steel rod and the furnace wall to avoid contact with the furnace wall and thermal damage. Open the control panel of the induction furnace, set parameters such as heating temperature and heating time, and then press the heating button to start the heating process. During the heating process, closely monitor the changes in furnace temperature to ensure that the temperature is controlled within the required range. When the steel bar reaches the preset temperature, maintain it for a period of time (insulation) to ensure uniform heating of the steel bar. After the insulation is completed, the steel rod is taken out of the furnace and quickly cooled, which can be achieved through air cooling or water cooling.

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