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Automatic steel ball production line equipment – Forever furnace

Steel ball production line equipment can be divided into:steel ball hot rolling equipment, forging steel ball production line and rolling steel ball automatic production line according to different processes. The price of a set of steel ball production equipment varies from tens of thousands to millions of yuan according to workpiece specifications and processes, and can be customized according to demand!

Features of steel ball production equipment:

1. Material rack and medium frequency induction heating equipment: it has the functions of automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic temperature measurement, fault alarm, etc. the electric furnace has a high degree of automation and can ensure the continuous production of the steel ball production line.

2. Main motor control cabinet: the electrical control part has motor start, stop and speed regulation buttons, and is equipped with voltmeter and ammeter to timely monitor voltage and current. Electrical components are of well-known brands. In addition, this part also has the functions of opening the door and power-off and motor overcurrent protection.


How much is the steel ball automatic production equipment?

How much does it cost to buy a set of steel ball automatic production equipment? The quoted price in the market is about tens of thousands to millions of yuan. The difference is still large. The specific price needs to be determined according to the manufacturer, equipment type and model. In addition, only when the manufacturer of the steel ball production line chooses the right one can he buy a good equipment. Because there are slight differences in raw material selection, manufacturing process, quality and performance, it is recommended to compare three suppliers. At the same time, pay attention to after-sales. If the after-sales is not timely, It will increase the subsequent production cost.

Hebei FOREVER is an old brand manufacturer of mechanical and electrical equipment. In recent years, it has experienced trials and tribulations. It has standardized equipment plants, strict raw materials and workmanship, non-standard customization, and no intermediate costs. For specific equipment prices, please call us for inquiry.


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