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Auto-feeding medium frequency bar induction heating furnace

Performance advantages of medium frequency heating forging furnace:

1. Intelligent series resonant medium frequency power supply control, fully open rectifier, high power factor, small harmonic component.

2. High heating speed, high production efficiency and less oxidative decarburization.

3. The workpiece does not need to be preheated during contact heating. It can be started or stopped at any time. Full manual, full automatic and semi-automatic modes can be set, which has advantages in production scheduling.

4. The charging and discharging end of the furnace body of the medium frequency heating forging furnace is sealed with 4mm copper plate, which greatly reduces magnetic leakage and extends the service life.

5. The outlet end is equipped with a two-color American Leitai thermometer to display the current workpiece temperature in real time, so that the heating is more uniform.

6. PLC of human-machine interface is fully automatic and intelligent control, with one key restore function.

7. Power adaptive, high production efficiency, cost saving.

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Post time: 12-20-2022