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Advantages of steel rod end face heating equipment

FOREVER Electromechanical is specialized in producing steel rod end face heating equipment. The steel rod end face heating equipment adopts new energy-saving induction heating technology, network induction heating power control, automatic matching and adaptive power, and has the characteristics of reliable structure, uniform heating, high production efficiency, durability, convenient maintenance and safe use. If you have such needs, The telephone number of technicians in the station can be consulted free of charge.


Advantages of steel rod end face heating equipment:

1. Power supply system, new energy-saving induction heating power control, low power consumption and high efficiency.

2. It has the advantages of fast heating speed, high production efficiency, no burning loss, less oxidation and decarbonization, and saves the cost of materials and forging dies.

3. The heating is uniform, the temperature difference between the core and the meter is very small, the temperature control precision is high, the degree of automation is high, and the full-automatic operation can be realized.

4. Superior working environment, improve workers’ working environment and company image, no pollution and low energy consumption.

5. Temperature closed-loop control: the steel bar heating furnace adopts the closed-loop control system of American Leitai infrared thermometer to accurately control the temperature.


For the specific manufacturers of steel rod end face heating equipment, baidu ten times, it’s better to consult. You are welcome to consult immediately and learn more details. Hebei FOREVER manufacturer has three intelligent production workshops, which have strict technical and quality control from R & D, design to production, material selection to equipment molding. Every customer who buys a machine provides one-stop service, And support to visit the factory.


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