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Advantages and Application of Intermediate Frequency Induction Furnace

The universal Medium frequency heating equipment has been gradually replaced by the medium frequency induction furnace equipped with solid-state circuit static frequency conversion power supply. Intermediate frequency induction furnace has been widely used in melting, leveling and pouring of cast iron. Because it is suitable for batch melting and adjustable stirring force of molten metal, its application in heat-resistant alloy steel melting and non-ferrous metal melting is also expanding day by day. Induction furnace is a kind of resistance heating method, which uses electromagnetic induction principle to transfer electric energy to metal burden, and converts electric energy into heat energy to make metal burden fever and melt. The power supply of solid-state intermediate frequency electric furnace is a kind of static frequency conversion power supply composed of power semiconductor components, which is composed of AC-DC-AC frequency conversion and AC-DC frequency conversion. Therefore, in order to carry out induction heating, two prerequisites must be satisfied: one is to use alternating current, the other is that the heated object must be metal data.

Induction furnace is divided into crucible type (that is, heartless furnace) and grooving type (that is, coring furnace) according to the structure. The main uses of induction furnace are melting, leveling and pouring. The frequency limit of intermediate frequency induction furnace is 0.05 × 10KHZ, which is mainly used in the melting and heat preservation of iron and non-ferrous metals. The advantages of using intermediate frequency induction furnace are as follows:

1, high power density, fast melting speed, convenient melting, suitable for energy saving batch melting method;

2, sensitive and convenient operation and application, suitable for changing melting metal types often;

3, power supply frequency can be selected to make intermediate frequency induction furnace more suitable for melting of light non-ferrous metals;

4, because of high power density, no phase balanced installation, civil construction cost is small;

5, the metal melted in intermediate frequency induction furnace is only “overheated at one time”, which is very popular in the field of metallurgy.

6, the active control of medium frequency induction furnace operation, the active diagnosis of frequency conversion installation and the monitoring of furnace condition can be completed by the computer, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the task efficiency.

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