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Advantage features of intermediate frequency quenching machine tool for electric furnace equipment.

The Medium frequency heating equipment  tool widely used in the current production is an induction heat treatment device for carrying out medium-frequency induction heating and liquid spraying quenching on small and medium-sized special-shaped parts such as a pin shaft, a flange, a flange plate and the like, And can be matched with an intermediate frequency power supply of 8000Hz 100kW. Its characteristics are as follows:

pipe heat treatment machine

1) equipped with quenching liquid circulation cooling system and auxiliary liquid injection device, which is convenient for medium frequency quenching machine tool to use polymer quenching liquid and so on.

2) the industrial control computer CNC system control, step motor drive, ball screw drive up and down, frequency conversion speed regulation to achieve stepless speed regulation, intermediate frequency quenching machine can store more than 20 quenching programs, in case of production at any time.

3) it has the function of real-time variable speed and variable power, which provides conditions for dealing with complex structural workpieces.

4) it can be equipped with transistor solid-state power supply with different frequencies (lOkHz,30kHz,200kHz) and different power (30kW, 50kW, 75kW, lOOkW, 150kW) according to the needs of the user.

5) the intermediate frequency quenching machine has a quick change sensor chuck.

6) the switching ratio of quenching transformer has an external switch, which is easy to adjust.

7) reliable can be adjusted without tools.

8) each spindle of the machine tool can be fitted with 762mm length and heavy lOkg workpiece (scanning length is 610mm). Two stations work independently, and one process of the workpiece can be carried out in one station and the other can be carried out in another. The machine tool is 1080mm long and 2045mm wide, and the high 2360mm [when the bracket rises] weighs 1360kg. As a four-spindle machine tool, the performance, occupation area and equipment weight ratio of the medium frequency quenching machine are advanced.

9) cooling water system and quenching liquid system composed of centrifugal pump, heat exchanger, pressure gauge, temperature controller and valve.

10) PLC touch screen control, CRT display all parameters, and optional installation of energy monitor or rise rotation and so on.

11) the spindle speed is 0 ~ 139 r / min, and the scanning speed is optional for 2.5~76mm/s or 5~152mm/s.

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