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Advantage analysis of spiral steel pipe heat treatment production line

The quality of metal processing is determined by the quality of electric induction heating equipment. Therefore, it is very important to obtain high quality of metal thread steel production line. Today, we Hebei FOREVER electromechanical mainly introduce the thread steel heat treatment production line to you. What performance characteristics does it have in metal workpiece processing!

The production line has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and high production efficiency, which can greatly improve the quality of metal workpieces. We will analyze the advantages of rebar heat treatment production line for you one by one.


Advantage analysis of spiral steel pipe heat treatment production line

Low failure rate

In order to ensure the high efficiency of the rebar heat treatment production line, the main components of the electrical control system adopt international brands such as Siemens and Schneider, with low failure rate and long service life;

High productivity.

FOREVER Electromechanical is equipped with a leveler with appropriate power according to the output requirements of users to ensure that the production can meet the needs of users;

Intelligent production is simple and convenient.

The PLC programmable touch screen is used to centrally control the whole set of equipment of rebar heat treatment production line, which realizes the whole set of intelligent production. It has the function of one key operation and one person operates a set of induction heating equipment.


As the rebar heat treatment quenching and tempering furnace is a non-standard product, the manufacturer provides a variety of options for users to choose. However, you can also inform FOREVER Electromechanical of the length, diameter, efficiency, power, heating temperature and other information of the workpiece, and the manufacturer can customize the rebar heating equipment and rebar heat treatment production line for you. If you are interested, welcome to inquire, and the manufacturer will tailor it for you.


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