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∅95 mm to 100mm steel bar induction heat treatment equipment

Forever provides customized solutions for 42 Cr MOA materials that meet the quenching and tempering requirements of steel bars with diameters ranging from 95 mm to 100mm, ensuring precise tempering and quenching of the products.

This bar induction heat treatment machine adopts medium frequency induction tempering technology, and through professionally designed sensors and customized heating processes, ensures that the internal structure of each steel rod meets industrial standards for yield strength, tensile strength, elongation after fracture, and metallographic structure.

This set of intermediate frequency steel bar induction heating equipment, from automated graded feeding to water and electricity separation in the power cabinet, each improvement measure is aimed at improving operational efficiency and production efficiency, especially in the tempering process. We use cooling systems and infrared temperature measurement technology to ensure precise control of the processing process and high-quality finished products.

Forever focuses on providing customers with comprehensive heat treatment solutions, not only in terms of long bar induction heat treatment machine supply, but more importantly, creating added value for customers through our technology and services. Our goal is to provide strong support for customer production efficiency and product competitiveness through customized services and technical expertise. steel-bar-hardening-and-tempering-furnace-1




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