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2018 induction bar heat treatment furnace latest quotation!

2018 induction bar heat treatment furnace latest quotation!

Forever is a professional supplier of bar heat treatment furnace. The factory sells bar heat treatment furnace directly. Professional engineers design matching induction heating equipment for you according to your technological requirements. Our price is listed in detail. According to the choice of components, there is a distinction between high distribution and low distribution. The price is reasonable, and the difference between the middlemen is avoided.

Forever has more than 20 years of production history in induction heat treatment equipment, specializing in designing and development for different materials heat treatment like quenching, surface quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering. Believe the fact that different steel materials need different heating temperature for heat treatment is known by every heat treatment expert, but what heating temperature and water flow & pressure can achieve the mechanical parameters required for special application is a question. Especially for the new comers, who are not clear about the process. Then Forever can help you to build the specific technical parameters as per our years of experience.

Especially for solid steel bars, Forever has already finished more than 100 sets of bar heat treatment furnace for different kinds of steel bars, such as grinding rod, torsion bar, sway bar, bolt, stainless steel bar and so on. The induction hardening and tempering equipment consists of bar storage platform, conveying roller table, induction heating coils for quenching and tempering, power supplies and remote console. Sometimes we will equip the closed cooling tower and transformer as per our customer’s requirement.

Our bar heat treatment furnace is simple to operate, one key to start the control program, as long as you set the heating temperature, quenching temperature, tempering temperature or annealing temperature, working efficiency and other process parameters of your workpiece, the equipment will be automatically in the production mode.



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