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∅ 40- ∅ 60 bar rolling steel ball production equipment

The steel ball hot rolling production line for bar rolling is operated in the Liaoning steel ball production workshop. The steel ball production equipment is customized and produced by Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. according to the actual needs of Benxi Steel Union customers.

KGPS350KW/2500HZ automatic production equipment for steel balls. Mainly used for rolling production of steel balls with diameters between 40mm and 60mm.

Compared to the traditional air hammer forging steel ball production method, the efficiency of this equipment has increased by 30 times. It achieves rapid and uniform heating of round steel through automated feeding and medium frequency induction furnace heating, while also reducing skin fire consumption. Subsequently, under the compression of two spiral rolling pitches, the steel ball continues to be rolled and forged, ensuring that the customer’s production line always maintains efficient operation.

In addition to efficient production, this steel ball hot forging production line also has the characteristics of high automation. It reduces the labor intensity of workers, making the entire production process safer and more comfortable. Whether considering production efficiency or personnel safety, this set of steel ball production equipment is very worth choosing.

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