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∅ 100- ∅ 125 Rolling Steel Ball Medium Frequency Electric Furnace

The intelligent and automated KGPS5500KW rotary cutting and steel ball hot rolling production line  is a steel ball production line customized by Hebei Forever Electromechanical according to the actual needs of manufacturers. It is suitable for the production of steel balls rolled from bar materials with a diameter of 100mm to 125mm.

Compared with the traditional production method of forging steel balls with air hammer, its production efficiency has increased by 30 times. This production line adopts advanced automated feeding technology and uses a medium frequency induction furnace for heating, making round steel heated quickly and evenly, with low skin fire consumption. During the operation of the equipment, two spiral rolling pitches are continuously compressed for rolling forging, which can produce 70 to 80 high-quality steel balls per minute.

In addition, the steel ball hot rolling equipment also has a fully automatic intelligent control function, which can achieve the entire production process of automatic feeding, heating, rolling, and ball discharge through PLC remote intelligent control. This intelligent control system can greatly reduce manual intervention, improve production efficiency and product quality.

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