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Steel Hardening and Tempering System For Induction Heat Treatment

Steel Hardening and Tempering System For Induction Heat Treatment


1.Application:Heat Treatment for Steel,Aluminum,Copper,Bars,Pipes,Billets,Slab

2.Available Power:100KW-10000KW

3.Non-standard Product;Professional Customization

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Steel hardening and tempering system for heat treatment is manufactured by Forever Furnace.Steel hardening and tempering system, steel heat treatment system has mature induction heating process and powerful after-sales service support.Our equipment is widely used in the steel plant,cement mill,mining machinery, steel ball plant and so on.

Steel Hardening and Tempering System for Heat Treatment

High Automation for Steel Hardening and Tempering System for Heat Treatment

1.Controlled by the computer,all the technical parameters will be stored in PLC, so the operator only need to adjust the corresponding parameters and start the the system.

2.Friendly human to machine interface.The operator can work almost without training and the product quality has nothing with the operator.

Steel Hardening and Tempering System for Heat Treatment Wide Application

1.Hardening and tempering for gear,shaft,camshaft,roller in order to the material wear-resisting property and tenacity;

2.Screw,guide rail,flat surface and ball head;

3.Engineering:bulldozer blade,cylinder pole and piston rod hardening and tempering;

4.Mining machinery:single hydraulic prop and roof master hardening and tempering.

5.Automobile, motorcycle, engineering machinery parts hardening,annealing,tempering and so on.

The Main Hardening and Tempering Production Line from Forever Furnace

1.500KW,φ30MM round steel continuous heating production line

2.500KW,φ100MM grinding rod heat treatment production line 

3.2500 KW,φ80 MM round steel continuous heating furnace

4.PC steel bar heat treatment production line

5.Long bar annealing production line

6.Medium frequency hardening and tempering production line

7.Shaft hardening production line

8.Upset tubing hardening and tempering heat treatment system

9.2500 KW round steel continuous heating furnace

10.Hydraulic cylinder induction hardening and tempering system

As one of the leading manufacturer of induction heating equipment and system,Forever Furnace has exported hundreds of sets of steel hardening and tempering production line abroad.So if you need to buy induction heating equipment,Forever will be your best choice!