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Slab Heat Treatment Furnace

Slab Heat Treatment Furnace


Application: Forging,Forming, & Rolling

Material Heated:Carbon steel & Alloy steel

Length Allow: Not limited

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Induction slab heat treatment furnace

Slab induction heating equipment  is designed to reduce fuel consumption by taking over the slab heating process at the point in the thermal curve where gas-fired furnaces rapidly lose efficiency. Forever high efficient slab induction heating furnace require just 10 percent of the floor space of equivalent gas-fired furnaces.

Benefits for slab induction heating furnace

   ●   Homogeneous heating of even the largest of slab

   ●   Rapid heating to reduce scale formation and oxidation losses

   ●   Minimal wear and tear on rolling mills

   ●   Longer roll mill life and repeatable, excellent rolling results

   ●   Most efficient and cost-effective technology

Our service for slab induction heating furnace

  ●  One year free main spare parts replacement 

  ●  Professional engineer can go to your plant for guiding installing & debugging.

  ●  A list of spare parts with the induction heaing equipment for maintenance.

  ●  Response within 24 hours for customer’s questions 

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