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Infrared thermometry forging heating furnace

Infrared thermometry forging heating furnace


The design power of forging heating furnace and steel bar forging heating equipment produced by Forever Electromechanical Co., Ltd. can reach 6000KW, with excellent safety protection, small floor area, short connection between power supply and furnace body, and low energy consumption. Welcome to visit the factory

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Design features of Forever electromechanical Induction forging heating furnace:

1. As its name implies, the infrared thermometric forging furnace is equipped with an infrared thermometer, which can accurately control the temperature and automatically control the power frequency to achieve uniform heating and ensure the heating quality of the workpiece;

2. Low maintenance rate and simple operation of bar heating equipment;

3. Forever electromechanical forging heating furnace has mature technology, durable products and good thermal processing effect;

4. The heating speed is fast, the temperature difference between the core and the surface of the workpiece is small, there is no oxide scaling and deoxidation, and the workpiece burning rate is low;

5. Advanced technology, good sealing effect of steel bar forging heating equipment, no noise, dust, waste gas, smoke and other pollution, in line with the environmental protection requirements of relevant departments.

Hebei Forever  Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing forging heating furnace with advanced technology and high configuration. Far extension infrared thermometry forging heating furnace has reached the international advanced level with stable quality and superior performance. Free of charge to provide users with excellent steel bar forging heating equipment solutions and quotations.