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Tubing heat treatment line for P110 and Q125

Tubing heat treatment line for P110 and Q125

With the increasing difficulty of petroleum exploitation and the deepening of well depth, the requirement for the strength grade of tubing is becoming higher and higher. The J55 grade tubing and casing can not meet the requirement gradually. The L80 grade steel has become the conventional grade steel. The application of P110 and Q125 grade steel is more and more extensive. The Tubing market mostly provides J55 grade steel tubing, but N80 and Q125 grade steel tubing is hard to purchase. This has brought great difficulties to the manufacture of high grade steel tubing for oil pipe manufacturing enterprises.

The construction of induction heat treatment equipment for petroleum steel pipe can help to improve the grade of J55 to meet the market need and solve the difficulty of purchasing high grade pipe. Forever pipe heat treatment furnace has applied well in Philippines plant and TPCO plant in China. After testing the tubing after quenching and tempering with our pipe heat treatment furnace, the hardness is uniform and other parameters can meet API 5CT standard. So far, more and more users are considering to buy one set of tubing heat treatment line to improve its own strength. And Now Forever is negotiating with many users.

Actually, this technology has already used in the oil pipe manufacturing plant at abroad, but it is seldom to see in China. Fortunately, Forever is involved in the research and development in the earlier date and has designed and produced two sets for ø60.32-290mm tubing quenching and tempering.

In this process of quenching and tempering, the difficulty is uniform heating and cooling. As some tubing will have upset in the pipe end, then how to make the upset get the uniform temperature with the pipe body has become the first problem the the supplier has to solve. Another question is the water cooling. For the tubing which has smaller diameter, the tubing will easily bend after quenching if you can not deal with this problem well. In this two aspects, Forever engineer has rich experience to solve this problem.

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