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The Prospect of Induction heating and quenching equipment is wide

the induction heating equipment, the induction quenching machine market has a wide development prospect, and the high-pressure machine is a professional induction heating device, a quenching and tempering equipment manufacturer, The induction heating and quenching equipment is an electromagnetic induction heating device which is specially used for induction heating and induction heat treatment of a metal workpiece. Under the environmental protection, only the induction heating equipment with energy-saving and environment-friendly is produced, and the prospect of the induction quenching equipment can be infinitely wide.

FOREVER electromechanical has been in the forefront of innovation technology, innovation is the driving force of the continuous development of an enterprise, innovation is not only the call of the times, but also the internal requirements of corporate culture itself. FOREVER electromechanical continues to pursue the innovation of induction heating technology, the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of quality, in the market to have a good reputation. What is the key to the development of mechanical and electrical steel bar conditioning equipment? Induction heating and quenching equipment has a broad prospect:

1. Induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment adopts new technology, air cooling energy saving induction heating power supply control, high production efficiency, can be used to turn on the power supply, and the operation is simple.

2. Induction quenching equipment such as steel bar quenching furnace adopts external spray technology, combined with steel rod water quenching process expert system software, to ensure the reasonableness and reliability of process parameters when dealing with each steel grade workpiece, so as to ensure the product quality of heat treatment.

3. Induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment, quenching and tempering equipment adopt automatic control, computer information management, whole process quality monitoring, improve labor productivity and management level.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection efficiency is good, environmental pollution is greatly reduced and production safety is improved.

5. Optimize the investment portfolio and induction heating equipment, select quenching and tempering equipment, and save the construction investment cost compared with the import of the whole line equipment.

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