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Sucker rod heat treatment furnace suppliers

Forever is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of Sucker Rod Heat Treatment Furnace. Since the founding of the company, in the fierce market competition environment, with the principle of first-class technology, first-class service, customer supremacy, Forever seize business opportunities to set us a good reputation and elite image in the field of induction heating. The company has a number of advanced technology professionals, which has accumulated rich experience in the field of induction heat treatment furnace , in the same industry also has a certain degree of popularity.

Characteristics of sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace:

The installation is simple, providing power and water only without special installation.

Easy to operate: ordinary employees can learn to operate in a few minutes.

Quick start: Water and power heating immediately after startup.

Less power consumption: about 30% less than the old electronic tube if equipment, small workpiece size, small footprint, less power consumption.

The effect is good: the heating equipment of Forever is heated by rotary feed, uniform heating, fast temperature rise, little oxidation and decarburization.

Adjustable power: the output power can be adjusted according to the heating requirements of the workpiece.

Protection: there are alarm instructions for overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage, automatic control and protection.

With the customer satisfaction as the service tenet, we adhere to the “quality for survival and the reputation for development”, and always provide you with high quality products and excellent service with diligent pursuit and enthusiasm.

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