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Sucker rod hardening and tempering treatment line

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells IGBT controlled sucker rod hardening and tempering electric furnaces. Forever Electromechanical insists on winning with quality, and the old brand is trustworthy. The induction heating equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is sold domestically and internationally. Based on your actual needs, we customize the medium frequency induction heating equipment, Sucker rod heat treatment furnace, and hardening and tempering heat treatment production line for you.

Outstanding advantages of the sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace :

1. Forever’s newly developed air-cooled energy-saving power supply control sucker rod quenching and tempering processing line is more energy-saving: it saves 40% electricity compared to electronic tube type, and more than 30% electricity compared to frequency controlled silicon.

2. Stable performance: complete protection, no worries.

3. Fast heating speed: no oxide layer, small deformation.

4. The sucker rod hardening and tempering treatment line produced by Forever Electromechanical is easy to install and operate. Replacing the sensor is convenient and fast, and can be completed in just 2 minutes

5. The inductor is isolated by a transformer for safety. The sensor is safe and reliable without high voltage.

6. The sucker rod hardening and tempering system produced by Forever is environmentally friendly: free from pollution, noise, and dust.

7. Strong adaptability: capable of heating various types of workpieces.

8. The temperature and heating time can be accurately controlled. High processing quality.


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