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Steel Tube annealing Furnace-beware of “low cost” Trap

Steel pipe with metal workpieces is a kind of steel with hollow section, which is longer than diameter, and can be divided into circle, square, rectangle and so on according to the difference of section.

Steel tubes can be used to transport fluids, such as oil, or to make containers. Steel tubes are economical steel. Because of the wide application, there are certain requirements for mechanical properties, mechanical properties and so on.

Annealing: annealing is a process used for heat treatment of metal workpieces. The steel pipe is heated to a certain temperature and then cooled slowly. Through annealing, the hardness of the workpiece can be effectively improved. Cutting performance, etc.Steel pipe annealing equipment: steel pipe annealing furnace is a kind of heat treatment equipment which uses medium frequency current to heat pipe, it is a new energy saving and environmental protection medium frequency heating equipment at present, its production speed is fast, and it can effectively ensure the workpiece to meet the technical requirements of annealing heat treatment.

pipe heat treatment machine

Production of low-cost “backside” low-cost equipment quality: a warm reminder that customers should not only value the word “low-cost”, but ensure quality first. Because the steel tube annealing furnace is a large investment project, many customers deviate from the center of gravity and only value the equipment price to guarantee the cost, which is wrong. If the quality is not guaranteed, the problems in the later stage of production will continue. The so-called “low costs” are hard to recycle, let alone quickly produce benefits. Low-cost model choice: if there is no problem with the quality and price of the equipment, then consider the power, the correct choice of power is one of the fundamental to ensure the rapid revenue of the customer, the higher the power induction heating equipment output, the higher the output of induction heating equipment, the higher the output of induction heating equipment, the higher the output. The selection of power should be based on the actual production requirements of the user.

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