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Steel plate induction hardening furnace equipment

This steel plate induction hardening equipment is designed specifically for processing carbon steel plates with dimensions of 25x200x2500mm, 30x250x3000mm, 30x450x3000mm, 40x250x3000mm, and 40x400x3000mm. Including common bulldozer blade plates, this equipment ensures applicability and processing flexibility for different materials.

The Plate induction heat treatment furnace mainly consists of an IGBT 300 kW intermediate frequency power cabinet, multiple sets of furnace bodies, an automated conveying system, a modular induction coil, and a PLC control system. The comprehensive application of these components has achieved efficient heating and hardening processes.

The power cabinet outputs energy stably through intelligent control, while the design of modular induction coils facilitates quick replacement and maintenance, ensuring high reliability and low maintenance costs of the equipment. The PLC control system provides precise temperature control and process monitoring, improving production efficiency and product quality.

Under the action of this steel plate induction hardening machine , the steel plate exhibits excellent hardness and strength after hardening treatment, meeting strict industrial standards. The hardening temperature is controlled at approximately 860 ° C, combined with precise heating time and uniform heat distribution, ensuring the excellent mechanical properties and durability of the steel plate. At the same time, through water spray cooling technology, the temperature of the steel plate can be quickly reduced to a safe range, further optimizing the material properties.

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