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Six advantages of Intermediate Frequency heating equipment

The medium frequency electric furnace is widely used in the field of heat treatment by virtue of its special heating mode, and has the advantages of energy saving, intelligence, high efficiency, environmental protection and the like in the market, and the following is the 6 big performance advantage of the Medium frequency heating equipment.

1. On the basis of zero voltage starting, the function of automatic sweep repeated start is added, the voltage and current loop circuit is closely followed, the intermediate frequency heating equipment starts and stops smoothly and stably, and there is no current shock.

2.The layout of the components is coordinated and reasonable, and the maintenance is convenient.

3. The inverter start-up signal adopts a single signal highly sensitive trigger circuit, which further increases the start-up performance of the intermediate frequency heating equipment and makes the start-up success rate of the equipment reach 100%.

4.Constant power circuit control system, with the change of burden in production, the voltage and current will be automatically controlled in the optimal setting, there is no need to manually adjust the inverter cut-off angle.

5. Highly integrated circuit scheme, debugging and operation are fast, simple, easy to learn;

6. The intermediate frequency heating equipment has perfect protection systems such as overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, water shortage, phase shortage, voltage limit and current limit, so as to ensure the reliability and working stability of the equipment.

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