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Round steel heating steel ball production line

The round steel heating steel ball production line, steel ball hot rolling production line , hot-rolled steel ball heating furnace, and rolling steel ball production line produced by Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have stable linear performance and high production efficiency, and have won high praise from customers. The Forever Electromechanical round steel heating steel ball production line adopts a human-machine interface PLC fully automatic intelligent control system, which saves labor costs and improves production efficiency for users.

Features of Forever Electromechanical steel ball hot forging production line :

1. The production efficiency of the round steel heating steel ball production line is high. Taking the processing of 60 steel balls as an example, 70-80 steel balls can be produced per minute. Can it be produced every hour? Tons, the production per shift can reach 50 tons, which is 20 times that of air hammer forging steel balls.

2. The product quality is good, and the outer dimensions of the steel balls rolled by the hot rolling heating furnace are uniform and consistent in size; The temperature is the same, without overburning or incomplete burning, so the hardness after heat treatment is uniform, and the difference between the external hardness and the internal hardness is small. The product quality is good and stable, with a qualification rate of over 98%. 3. The labor intensity of workers is strong, and the degree is significantly reduced compared to forging steel balls, resulting in a significant improvement in the working environment. The use of round steel to heat the steel ball production line has completely eliminated the phenomenon of smoke and gas pollution.

4. The Steel ball hot rolling heating furnace produces steel balls with simple operation, high degree of automation, and fewer production processes. Round steel can be heated in the furnace without the need for cutting. No specific professional labor skills are required. New workers can start production after simple training, and they no longer have to worry about substandard product quality, which infinitely stimulates the labor enthusiasm of frontline workers.

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