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Plate quenching equipment

Forever Electromechanical is a professional provider of plate heating equipment solutions in China, providing free technical solutions and related quotes for plate quenching equipment. Our high-end technical products and high-quality service system are the reasons why you choose Forever induction heating equipment.


Performance characteristics of plate quenching equipment:

The control system of the sheet metal heating equipment adopts PLC control, with fast dynamic response, high temperature control accuracy, strong programming function, professional customized human-machine interface, and highly user-friendly operation instructions. slab heat treatment

2. The monitoring system provides a human-machine interface, real-time display of the system’s working status, and adjustable parameters.

3. The plate heating equipment adopts an intermediate frequency resonant power supply control, with fully open rectification and high power factor characteristics

4. The cooling method adopts advanced and reliable heat pipe self cooling method, which has high cooling efficiency and reliable operation, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the plate surface quenching equipment.Slab hardening equipment

5. Adopting a closed-loop temperature control system, the American Raytheon infrared thermometer and the German Siemens S7 form a closed-loop control system.

6. Strict level management system, medium frequency induction heating equipment has a one click reduction system.

The plate quenching equipment is based on the principle of series inverter medium frequency induction heat treatment. PLC fully automatic and intelligent control of the plate heat treatment rate furnace can be quickly adjusted according to the system working conditions, and can be compensated in phases to ensure the power balance of the plate quenching equipment, uniform heating temperature, and high production efficiency.

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