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Outstanding characteristics of steel billet induction heating furnace

Hebei Forever Electromechanical specializes in providing induction heating equipment. The steel billet induction heating furnace adopts an intelligent PLC human-machine interface control system, with a strong degree of automation. The induction heating furnace for steel billets is a green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, sold domestically and internationally. We have many years of production experience in the field of induction heating. Welcome to visit and inspect our company!

The outstanding characteristics of steel billet induction heating furnace :

1. After the completion of the billet heating equipment, Yuantuo Electromechanical is responsible for the installation, commissioning, and training of the entire equipment.

2. Instant start and stop, no preheating time required.

3. Reverse function, users can reverse the billet rolling mill if there is a problem.

4. Specially customized transformer for 12 pulse rectifier power supply, with no harmonics during the operation of steel billet electric heating furnace

5. The maintenance cost of the long billet induction heating furnace is low, and users only need to maintain the induction heating coils well.

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Post time: 05-08-2024