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Optimization of Hengyuan Electric Furnace in Hebei Province in Metal casting Industry

Hebei FOREVER electric furnace specializes in the production and manufacture of all kinds of intermediate frequency Induction heating furnace, Electric induction heating furnace, intermediate frequency quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, intermediate frequency melting equipment, melting furnace, intermediate frequency quenching equipment, general and special induction quenching machine tools and other induction heating equipment. In the past ten years, our equipment has been exported to many places abroad and has been well received and recognized by many users.

The company adopts the advanced full-digital, constant-power, self-starting, automatic frequency-sweeping control of the intermediate frequency power supply at home and abroad, the starting rate is high, the production technical strength is strong, in particular in the induction furnace, the pipe heating and various bars, the forging of the round steel, the large-diameter pipe diameter heating and the like, Full display of my company’s strength

The medium-frequency induction heating equipment produced by the constant-distance electric furnace of an intermediate-frequency induction heating equipment comprises an intermediate-frequency electric furnace, an intermediate-frequency furnace, an intermediate-frequency heat-transmitting furnace, a forging heating furnace, a continuous heating hot-rolling furnace, an induction heating furnace and the like for you to select. the medium-frequency complete quenching and tempering equipment produced by the constant-distance electric furnace of the intermediate-frequency quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment mainly comprises the following steps of: medium-frequency induction quenching, medium-frequency complete steel pipe quenching, tempering, tempering, annealing, hydraulic prop hardening and tempering, single-column hardening and tempering, oil cylinder tempering, drill rod drilling and tempering, A set of tempering equipment such as a round steel pipe quenching and tempering and the like. The main products of the intermediate frequency fast smelting furnace of the intermediate frequency smelting equipment are divided into two main types (the IGBT intermediate frequency rapid melting furnace and the KGPS intermediate frequency smelting furnace), a smelting furnace, a steel shell smelting furnace, a copper melting furnace, an aluminum melting furnace and a 0.25-0.5 ton intermediate frequency rapid melting furnace.


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